Welcome to Destiny Writers!

There is plenty of bad thinking out there. Competing ideologies, philosophies, lifestyles clamor for the attention of every man and woman on the earth. Confusion, terror, fear, and uncertainty oppress and torment the thinking of many people. Cynicism has become the escape route for many.

It has become commonplace for the public conversation to turn negative. Grumbling and complaining have become the new normal. It feels safe to talk about how bad things are becoming. It’s so easy to find the evidence to support this negative point of view.  Blame, anger, and isolation have become the tools for resolving conflict.

Let’s talk about the contribution we can make to improve the current public conversation.

Welcome to Destiny Writers!

Destiny Writers is a gathering place where Christian thought leaders come to craft and release the message the Lord has given them to speak to the world. Many of these new thought leaders are aware of the message they carry, but have not acquired the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to effectively communicate their message to others. They need direction and guidance. Destiny Writers can help.

I am one of these new thought leaders myself. I began Destiny Writers in the spring of 2013 through designing and teaching a class for Wagner Leadership Institute in Pasadena. In designing the class, I decide to include everything I wished I had gotten at the writing conferences I had attended. I felt that I was “out of the loop” because I didn’t have a manuscript – but that was why I was there – to find help in writing my manuscript.

Having a manuscript seemed to be the entry point to the conversation that was going on around me at those conferences. Yet, at the time, I did not know where to start writing mine. I knew I had great ideas. I knew that I had something to say. I just didn’t know how to write it all down.

Did God Really Say?

I’ve been walking in faith, believing the prophetic words spoken over my life. Destiny Writers is born out of those words of promise and encouragement that have sparked a burning desire within my heart. This adventure of faith is born out of the desire to walk in the fullness of the provision of the Lord upon my life. This is what the Lord is calling me to do.

Do you have prophetic words spoken over your life that you are to write? Is there a desire within you to speak out the wisdom you have gained by walking with the Lord through the trials and victories of your life history? Take the time to get in touch with what the Lord has been speaking to you. Has He put within you a message that seeks to be released through you?

Help is on the Way

You have discovered a resource to help you develop your calling as a writer. You are a thought leader, an authority on the subject of the message within. You have been created to craft and release this message.

Here you will find:

  • the tools and insights required to hone your craft as a writer.
  • encouragement from others who are on the same journey.
  • opportunity to hear the words you have written through the response of others.

Take a look around the site. See if this is indeed the resource you have been looking for. What do you need to take the next step toward fulfilling the calling of God upon your life?

Leave a comment. I’d love to hear what the Lord is doing in your life.

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About David Bedell

David is a freelance editor, writer, and coach. He takes delight in helping others craft and release their life message in order to advance the kingdom of God. His love for Jesus informs all that he does.


  1. Debra Figueroa on May 18, 2014 at 11:49 am

    I am so glad that you are endeavoring to support “destiny writers”. I believe I am one although no one spoke it over me except God himself.
    I want to get started but I am unsure of myself and how to get started. I am however sure of God and feel that I am on a journey to discover who God made me to be and how He wants me to impact the world. This is a journey that he wants me to share with others.

    • David Bedell on May 19, 2014 at 7:58 pm

      You are in touch with what it means to have a message within. The Lord put the message in your heart and He will give you the ability to release it to others. I encourage you to stay in touch. I’ll be adding resources to help you and others know how to move forward with your writing. Enjoy this journey of discovery.

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