Fast Start Coaching Package

The Fast Start Coaching Package is a 90-day experience designed to get you off to the right start, in the right direction, with the right goals in mind, so that you can publish your message as efficiently and as effectively as possible.


One weekly phone conversation (up to 60 minutes)

Develop a plan to publish and promote your book.

Execute publishing and promotion plan.

Encouragement and problem solving, as needed.

Does not include:

Expenses requiring specific expertise such as:

editing, graphic design, domain registration and web hosting fees, or printing costs.


 Two payment options:

A one-time payment of $450.00.

A monthly payment of $180.00 for three (3) months.

Payment will be made via invoice after initial coaching call.


Unconditional Graduated Money Back Guarantee

100% after 1 month

30% after 2 months

Sample Coaching Contract



Dave did far more than I expected as my editor. Since this is my first book, he began as my coach, then moved into an editor role, and is now a friend who has chosen to be my adviser even beyond my publish date. As a professional, he is thorough, detail oriented, and sees things through to the end. Sometimes I think he knows my book better than I do for all the times he’s been through it. His editing process involves scrutinizing each chapter one at a time and then reading through from cover to cover multiple times. He not only provided me with grammar and spelling corrections but offered advice in areas that did not quite line up with scripture. This was invaluable to me! Even though his edits were only suggestions, I used 98% of them because they were exactly what was needed. If you are looking for someone who is easy to work with and will help you create a product of excellence then your search is over. Hire Dave!

Kelly Whitaker (author of Jealous, Exposing the Queen of Heaven)​





David was not only an editor, but also a guide through this whole process of writing a book.  He went above and beyond just editing the words, constantly encouraging and helping me formulate my writing style and delivery.  While he is extremely knowledgeable, his kindness throughout the process was rare.  I would highly recommend him for the beginner as well as the accomplished writer.  He made the experience enjoyable and truly was a blessing to me.

Alexis Burns (author of More Than a Mother)