The Destiny Writing Class is open!

There is a message inside of you that must be released. In this class you will learn how to access your writing voice, how to organize, write and revise your manuscript, and how to prepare your manuscript for publication. We will cover how to develop a platform from which to…

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Welcome to Destiny Writers!

There is plenty of bad thinking out there. Competing ideologies, philosophies, lifestyles clamor for the attention of every man and woman on the earth. Confusion, terror, fear, and uncertainty oppress and torment the thinking of many people. Cynicism has become the escape route for many. It has become commonplace for…

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Double Dating

I went on a double date last night. I took my two lovely daughters out to dinner. We had a wonderful time at a local Mexican restaurant that we discovered in our coupon book. One of the goals we had for the evening was to have an adventure together-to go…

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Change is in the forecast.

storm front

I love being in the mountains. It’s up there that I come alive. For me, nothing matches the beauty of a full moon rising over a glassy still lake or the warm sun shining through as the storm breaks. Much of the message within me has developed within the context…

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