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Are You Ready to Take that Risk?

By David Bedell | January 28, 2016

Before you answer this question you probably want some more information. I imagine you would want to know the nature of the risk, the possible consequences and possible gains of taking it, and probably the extent of the involvement or commitment that would be required from you. Once you had all this information, you would probably want to take some time to process it and come to a decision before you delivered your answer. Taking a risk is not easy, but we take them them everyday. The key is to take the right risk and leave the wrong ones alone. Risk is Often Misunderstood Webster’s defines risk as “the possibility of loss or injury; someone or something that creates or…

are you a destiny writer?

Are You a Destiny Writer?

By David Bedell May 9, 2014

Here’s a question from the ages: Are leaders born or made? My answer is both. Leaders are born with an innate ability to recognize and respond to the situation that requires their leadership. Leaders know what to do when it has to be done. Destiny Writers share a similar internal trigger. Destiny Writers know when it is time to write.…

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Welcome to Destiny Writers!

By David Bedell May 8, 2014

There is plenty of bad thinking out there. Competing ideologies, philosophies, lifestyles clamor for the attention of every man and woman on the earth. Confusion, terror, fear, and uncertainty oppress and torment the thinking of many people. Cynicism has become the escape route for many. It has become commonplace for the public conversation to turn negative. Grumbling and complaining have…

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Double Dating

By David Bedell May 7, 2014

I went on a double date last night. I took my two lovely daughters out to dinner. We had a wonderful time at a local Mexican restaurant that we discovered in our coupon book. One of the goals we had for the evening was to have an adventure together-to go somewhere we had never been before, to experience something new…

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