The Development Draft is Where the Writing Truly Begins

This picture illustrates the process of developing your writing.

During the development draft, you will truly begin to write. Webster’s dictionary defines writing as the “process of literary composition.” Now that you have expressed your thoughts as words on paper, you can begin to compose, or craft, your message. In the development draft, you will begin the process of revision. This is the real work of writing.

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Abiding Prayer – Psalm 40

The Father's hand is always supportive of us.

O Papa, help me to proclaim Your goodness and faithfulness to the world around me. Grant me boldness to talk openly of the mystery of Your plan to reach down to Earth and lift Your children up into the heavenly realm with You.

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The Five Essential Drafts for Writing Well

This flight of craft beers is a pun on the five essential drafts of writing.

Most of us began our serious writing instruction in junior high school. As we grew older, the papers grew longer, yet the process of writing them did not change. You probably followed this traditional academic model: write a rough draft, read through it once, make changes, write the final draft, turn it in, and receive a grade.

One of the biggest challenges facing adult writers is this: Now that you are setting out to write your book, you will first have to unlearn the way you were taught to write in school.

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Writing as an Act of Worship

writing as worship

Writing, by nature, is a solitary endeavor; it can become difficult to continually pursue alone. As I offer my writing to Him as an act of worship, I partner with the community of the Godhead and find myself present with Him, writing what He puts on my heart.

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How to Build a Solid Foundation for a Writing Project

solid foundation of love

Initially, an idea for a project can get you off the starting line, but an idea alone will not carry you to the finish line. Without preparation, determination, and an open-minded attitude of self discovery, you may find yourself losing your momentum and stagnating, possibly even giving up.

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What is Available to Me at This Time?

lessons from our seasons

“The steadfast of mind You will keep in perfect peace, Because he trusts in You.” Isaiah 26:3 NASB Our lives are divided into seasons, like the chapters of a book. Each season can be defined by a specific work of God intended to bring growth into our lives. Some seasons…

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Do You Have These Platform Mindsets?

build platform through relationship

A platform is a base of people who are interested in your writing. These are people who read your writing for a reason and look forward to your next post. They are in relationship with you because you offer insight that they value. Often people think that building a platform…

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