Are You a Destiny Writer?

are you a destiny writer?

Here’s a question from the ages: Are leaders born or made? My answer is both. Leaders are born with an innate ability to recognize and respond to the situation that requires their leadership. Leaders know what to do when it has to be done.

Destiny Writers share a similar internal trigger. Destiny Writers know when it is time to write. But, often the writing does not come easily. Without support and encouragement the call to write can be put off for so long that is eventually forgotten altogether.  If the message is lost, so too is the benefit – for the lives of many – that comes through the hearing and application of the message.

Destiny Writers share a set of characteristics that serve to identify them. You may recognize your own personal experience in the description that follows. If your spirit leaps within you as you read further, then you are, in fact, a Destiny Writer.

Destiny Writers carry within them:

A unique message

Destiny Writers know that their life carries a message for the benefit and encouragement of others. Their life history has formed this message. The victories they have won in private carry the anointing to release others from the same affliction. The insights they have gained through persevering in trials offer the key to success for others experiencing similar obstacles.

A compulsion to deliver the message

Destiny Writers know that they are the ones called to deliver the message of their own lives. The message they carry burns within their hearts. They have received confirmation through prophetic words, dreams, and the encouragement of others that they are to write their message down.

The capacity to become thought leaders

Just as leaders instinctively recognize when they have been positioned to lead others through a situation or conflict, Destiny Writers know when it is time to champion their message. Destiny Writers are confident they have the right message for the right time. They know they have the answer to the question that puzzles so many others. They know they have the solution to the problem that no one has been able to effectively address. These insightful perspectives position them to become thought leaders in their respective fields. Through effectively releasing their message – in a timely fashion at an appropriate scale – Destiny Writers gain the ear of those looking to be lead out of their dilemmas.

The desire to learn to write well

Destiny Writers are born to live a life that will produce a powerful message, but, are not necessarily born with the ability to write. Just like leaders, Destiny Writers are born and made. Destiny Writers need to develop a plan to gain and refine the skills necessary to craft and publish their message. These skills are available to learn through the commitment of time, energy, and money.

The presence of the Holy Spirit

Destiny Writers know that they are dependent upon the guidance of the Holy Spirit to lead them forward. They know that it is only by His grace that they are in a position to influence others. Destiny Writers recognize the favor of the Lord upon them and seek to diligently preserve the presence of the Lord in every aspect of their lives, knowing that it is the integrity of their character that carries the anointing upon their message.

Are you a Destiny Writer? Does your heart beat with a passion inflamed by the presence of the descriptors I’ve just mentioned? If so, here are some steps to take:

Pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit to direct you get in touch with the message inside of you and the call to bring it forth.

Spend time in His presence. Journal what He speaks into your heart.

Make a plan to develop your writing ability and publishing know how.

Seek to get connected with other Destiny Writers.

What’s the next step that you need to take to  develop your writing? Please leave a comment or a request. I’d love to help you take that step.

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David is a freelance editor, writer, and coach. He takes delight in helping others craft and release their life message in order to advance the kingdom of God. His love for Jesus informs all that he does.

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