The Editing Package is designed to prepare your manuscript for formatting, and finally, publication. I am able to offer you editing at three different levels:


1) Substantive editing

Substantive editing is an extensive process of interaction between the editor and the writer for the purpose of developing the manuscript to its full potential. The concerns addressed within this edit are:

1)    sharpening the focus of the message,

2)    organizing the logical structure of the message,

3)    developing the delivery of the message,

4)    bringing power and clarity to the message.

Other concerns addressed include: design, style, fact checks, and ethical use.


2) Copyediting

Copyediting is a process that focuses on ensuring the manuscript reads with clarity and power. The concerns addressed within this edit are:

1)    fixing problems with sentence complexity and syntax,

2)    replacing passive voice with active voice,

3)    creating conciseness – clear, logical development of ideas,

4)    insuring jargon appropriate for audience,

5)    cleaning up clumsy wording and poor word choice.

Other concerns addressed include: style, fact checks, and ethical use.


3) Proofreading

Proofreading occurs after the manuscript has been formatted and before it goes to print. The concerns addressed within this edit are:

1)    correctness of grammar and spelling,

2)    catching any typos,

3)    matching references to figures and page numbers,


Here’s what the editing process looks like:

I offer a free manuscript sample evaluation.

Upon acceptance of the job, I have an initial conversation with author in order to:

1)    discuss manuscript’s concept and author’s intention for publication,

2)    identify the audience for whom the manuscript is written,

3)    establish goals and timelines for the editing process.


The editing process itself:

1st pass: Substantive edit – Look at the big picture and make suggestions to fix problems with:

1) logic

2) organization

3) lack of development of content

4) redundancy

5) problematic syntax

6) obvious typos

7) incorrect references to diagrams


I offer suggestions to the author and receive author feedback.


2nd pass: Copyedit – Look for unresolved issues with syntax, flow, clarity, and power.

I deliver edited manuscript to the author.


3rd pass: Proofreading – if appropriate.

I deliver proofed manuscript to the author.

There can be a need for multiple substantive passes over sections of the manuscript. These subsequent passes will be considered outside of the scope of the initial edit and will require additional hourly payment.



Rates are based on the number of words I receive from the author.

Substantive editing: $0.045 – $0.055 / word

Copy editing: $0.025 – $0.035 / word

Proofreading: $0.015 / word

Additional passes made after the initial edit will be charged at an hourly rate of $35.00 / hr.

Payment made via invoice after initial consultation.



Dave did far more than I expected as my editor. Since this is my first book, he began as my coach, then moved into an editor role, and is now a friend who has chosen to be my adviser even beyond my publish date. As a professional, he is thorough, detail oriented, and sees things through to the end. Sometimes I think he knows my book better than I do for all the times he’s been through it. His editing process involves scrutinizing each chapter one at a time and then reading through from cover to cover multiple times. He not only provided me with grammar and spelling corrections but offered advice in areas that did not quite line up with scripture. This was invaluable to me! Even though his edits were only suggestions, I used 98% of them because they were exactly what was needed. If you are looking for someone who is easy to work with and will help you create a product of excellence then your search is over. Hire Dave!

Kelly Whitaker (author of Jealous, Exposing the Queen of Heaven)​






David was not only an editor, but also a guide through this whole process of writing a book.  He went above and beyond just editing the words, constantly encouraging and helping me formulate my writing style and delivery.  While he is extremely knowledgeable, his kindness throughout the process was rare.  I would highly recommend him for the beginner as well as the accomplished writer.  He made the experience enjoyable and truly was a blessing to me.

Alexis Burns (author of More Than a Mother)